Scrapping Your Way To Cash

Metals that Hold Value

gold metalWe’ve all heard about people scraping their metals before and turning them into cash. How does one go about this though? It seems like a great idea and a nice way to earn some extra cash, but what’s the catch? The truth is there is no catch. You just need to know what the scraping companies are looking for at the time. Most scraping companies have mostly similar needs, while others’ vary from time to time. Below you’ll just get a small peek at some of the things you can scrap and how you’re helping the environment in the process.

Scrap Metals: Realizations you probably didn’t know before

Let’s start with the household items. Some of the big guns that people don’t always take into consideration as to having much value are the refrigerators, washer/dryers, and other such bulky items. They think that once they give out, they are no longer worth anything. That is where you are wrong. Most scrap yards pay anywhere from $5-$40 for these simple households items. A lot of people kick these items to the curb, so it would be in your best interest (if you have the hauling capability and capacity) to pick these up for your next scrap run.

Another few items that we don’t think of too much are aluminum and copper. We know of these metals existing, but we aren’t necessarily trained on where it can be found within items of our house. My window frames with have an aluminum border, the older the better chance. Many outlining borders of other products were made with aluminum, so do you research on that one to see if you’d be sitting on a nice chunk of change.

Copper can be found in certain plumbing systems, old appliance wires once stripped, as well as other stripped wire cording. Most houses built back in the day were built with copper plumbing lines and not the PVC piping systems you’ll find today. If you are tearing up your house for a new one, or you know of a house that is being torn down, make sure to save those old plumbing pipes, there are a ton of them per old household, and their value continues to rise. Both aluminum and copper based items are always in high demand with scrap yards, so finding these two items could put some hefty cash in your pocket.

recycleAnother one that will bring you cash and a lot of weight as well will be anything made of cast iron. Now cast iron was also a metal that was used much more frequently many years ago. They made cast iron tubs, cast iron kitchen wear, and cast iron fire places to name a few. The weight is a big factor with this type of metal, as the more the merrier for your wallet. Many people will just throw these items out as well because cast iron, as it ages, doesn’t seem very shinny or appealing, so it doesn’t look like much. Take it to your local scrap yard and I guarantee it will look like dollar signs. If you live in Phoenix, contact junk yards Phoenix, to learn more about prices.